Logos & Banners

Below are several logos, social media banners, and marketing materials I was commissioned to create.

Cafe George

George Mason University’s Cafe George is an evening of Broadway Cabaret performances to raise funds for their annual Broadway Showcase concert. I was asked to make a coffee cup themed logo. I submitted four distinct designs. The first design was chosen, but I was asked to add some musical notes to tie the logo more closely to the event. Below are the submitted designs and the final logo.


Lipstick and Legos

I had the pleasure of illustrating friend and blogger Francesca Leigh-Davis for her blog, Lipstick & Legos. Lipstick and Legos is a lifestyle blog that focuses mainly on Francesca’s adventures being an active mom on the go. These illustrations are being used on her website and Facebook page.


Sideline PR: A Sports Entertainment Group

Sideline PR is a new public relations firm that provides image consultations, media relations, brand management, and event management support for foundations and individuals (current and retired) in professional sports.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to design the firm’s logo and can’t wait to see how they revolutionize the world of athlete centered public relations.


Boops Records

Boops Records is an online vinyl record shop with a great selection of classic rock albums. The owners of the site wanted some art to use on their sales tables at events. They were looking for fun rock & roll vibe, but didn’t want an overly edgy illustration.