Bryce Commission Project

I’m always honored when people reach out to me to commission artwork. It’s a lot of fun collaborating with commission clients to bring their vision to life.
Recently Bryce Lee, one of my favorite clients, requested I illustrate him every month in 2019 based around a theme.
Below are the months completed so far.

If you are interested in commissioning artwork, send me a note. I’d love to work with you!

January Theme: Happy New Year
February Theme: Those We've Lost
March: Women's History Month
April: Spring is Here
May: Mother's Day

When I was sick last year, Ashley sent me a notebook with a drawing of me. Not only was I touched by the gesture, I was blown away by her talent. I quickly reached out to thank her and ask that she make a similar notebook for my cousin. When the holidays rolled around, I thought in lieu of store-bought Christmas cards, I would reach out and ask Ashley to create me one. Ashley delivered! The Christmas card was such a hit I ended up having to reach out to Ashley for more to send out. I got the idea to do a monthly commission with Ashley in hopes of by the end of the year having enough drawings to create a calendar for 2020. Since January, Ashley has created a drawing for me corresponding to that particular month so I can display them on my social media. Ashley is a tremendous talent and each month I am delighted to see how she brings my ideas to fruition. I have known many artists but Ashley is heads above the rest. Her work is a breath of fresh air. The ideas may come straight from my brain but the results are a contribution from her heart.

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