TDI Conference Branding

The Talent Development Across Industries Conference (TDI) is a new ATD conference about compliance in the financial Services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. I was tasked by ATD to create a logo, ads, guidebook, and other assets for the conference.

This is the client’s original mockup of the TDI logo and branding colors. 

The team working on the conference wanted something that would better reflect their audience: compliance professionals in the healthcare, financial, and manufacturing industries.

They also wanted imagery that would work well in print and online, including imagery for a mobile app. 

Because the client wanted to use the logo for both mobile and other collateral, I decided that creating a circular image would be best. 

A circular image gives the logo a button-like quality associated with mobile apps, and looks great on print. 

I also wanted to change the color to a blue hue as blue is often associated with trust (an important value for compliance professionals). I chose a blue that would look good with ATD’s signature orange color.

TDI Icon

For use on mobile or other collateral.

TDI Full Logo

the main logo for the conference.

TDI Badge

For use on collateral used at the conference.

After creating the logo, I began working on the website assets. Here are a few examples.

To see the images in action, visit: https://events.td.org/TDI

I also designed the conference guide that attendees used to navigate the event. Flip through the guide below to see more. 

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